Saturn 21, Claremont 52

STRONG first-half defence from Abbie Newton (GK) and Sally Haysham (GD) resulted in many tips and turnovers.

Despite Katie Anthony (WD) putting pressure on every pass into the shooters, Claremont raced into a 25-11 lead.

In the third quarter, Hazel Hucker (WA) brought a new dynamic to the game, with great feeds into the circle.

The last 15 minutes were Saturn’s best, as precise passes from Cerys Ethridge and Kirsty Harry were converted by Kia Jenner and Izzy Innalls.

Player of the match: Abbie Newton & Kirsty Harry; opposition’s POM: Cerys Ethridge; sponsor: Merrick Construction

Neptune 36, Quantock 58

A DIFFERENT line-up proved a challenge but Izzy Keane (WA) worked hard, driving on and feeding the shooters.

In the second quarter, Neptune enjoyed attacking support from WD Hazel Hucker, whose passes into the attacking were capitalised on by Sarah Edwards.

Trailing by seven at the start of the second half, Neptune knew they had to dig deep, but great vision from Jess Chee (C) allowed Jenna Butler (GS) to calmly put the ball through the net.

Quantock continued to sink goals with consistency, despite the efforts of GK Julie McClean.

Trailing 43-31 going into the final quarter, Neptune battled to the end and the final score really didn’t reflect the effort put in.

POM: Jenna Butler; OPOM: Jess Chee; sponsor: Powercuts Hair Salon

Venus 33, Comeytrowe 40

A POSITIVE start from Venus matched the home side goal for goal, Comeytrowe nicking the first quarter by one.

Neither team truly gained the upper hand, but tips and interceptions from Amy Miller (GD) and Colleen Bartlett (GK) gave Katie Chedzey (C), Lily Rowland (WA) and Tiff Brice (WD) the opportunity to bring the ball forward.

In the shooting circle, Becky Hooper and Sarah Gee worked hard to convert as many opportunities as possible but Venus were down by four at halfway.

Comeytrowe started to pull away and ultimately they won by seven.

POM: Katie Chedzey; OP: Becky Hooper; sponsor: Powercuts Hair Salon

Mars 43, Canons 42

MARS had another amazing game to keep up their winning streak.

A spectacular fall saw Chris Shaw (WA) make an early departure, but terrific shooting from Becky Kennard and Rachael Selway kept Mars ahead.

With the loss of Mere Soqoiwasa to injury in the second half, Mars were reduced to six players.

Mars worked tirelessly, entering the last quarter at 33-33, and the injured Shaw returned to the court.

Excellent teamwork, with a few top interceptions by Immy Kennard and Caitlin Howe, helped Mars record a well-deserved victory.

POM: Rachael Selway, Immy Kennard, Chris Durant

Minstrels 42, Luna 31

LUNA started well, with accurate passing from Sarah Keene and Dawn Gardener into Sharon Ethridge and Gail Cornish keeping them in contention.

The visitors struggled against a changed Minstrels line-up and, for all their efforts, the home side triumphed.

Sponsor: Paul Atyeo Building Services


Sharks 33, Sapphires 27

SYDENHAM Sapphires travelled to Crewkerne to play Sharks.

In the first quarter, both teams went out fighting and it was largely goal for goal, but Sharks pulled away slightly to lead 8-6.

In the second quarter, Sharks pulled away even more, but Sapphires kept up great pressure in defence and patience in attack.

Sapphires showed great teamwork and reduced the deficit to 28-22 going into the final quarter.

Sapphires cut the gap further – to just two goals – and although Sharks took the win, Sapphires did collect two points.

POM: Sue; UPOM: Sue & Emily; OPOM: Sue

Priory 65, Rubies 28

WITH an unfamiliar line-up, Rubies started well with great passing through the centre court and around the D, but Priory extended their lead in the second quarter.

Katie (GK) and Leah (GD) continued to get key interceptions for Rubies to bring the ball back up the court; the score at half-time was 34-12 in Priory’s favour.

Rubies made changes and there were good passes from Hollie (WA) to shooters Tanisha (GA) and Rhiannon (GS).

Amelia came on in the final quarter and her and Charlie made good interceptions, but Priory won the day.

UPOM: Anna; OPOM: Charlie; POM: Tanisha & Charlie

Tudor 48, Emeralds 30

EMERALDS started the game well and ended the first quarter tied at 11-11.

The defence of Amelia Williams, Leah Roberts and Danielle Carter-White held their own but Tudor pushed into a 22-17 lead.

Emeralds fought back through Hollie Davis, Charlie Webb, Lily Garwood and Laura Coombes in attack, but could not catch up.

POM: Leah & Laura; UPOM: Hollie; OPOM: Lily

All matches sponsored by Myra Richards in memory of Gordon Richards