Tomahawks 59, Jupiter 44

BRIDGWATER Jupiter were looking to take an early lead, but the home side showed determination from the very first whistle and took Jupiter by surprise, scoring six goals in quick succession.

Jupiter’s captain Sammie Griffin led the fightback, showing textbook tactical defensive play on the edge of the circle, stopping the flow of Tomahawk’s attacking play.

The score was 15-7 after the first quarter, but Jupiter remained positive as all was still to play for.

Quick, decisive play between Amy Portlock (WA) and Griffin enabled the shooters to gain space and dominate their area, resulting in Jupiter slightly closing the gap.

But the hosts’ accurate shooting dominated the final quarter.

Player of the match & opposition’s player of the match: Sammie Griffin; sponsor: Associated Roofing and Maintenance

Harlequins 50, Neptune 34

NEPTUNE started this away game with a young team, but with great passes in the centre third between Georgia Howe (WD), Kirsty Harry (C) and Gabby Plummer (WA), they only trailed by five going into the second quarter.

Shooters Izzy Keane and Jenna Butler fought hard, taking every chance they could (27-16).

Neptune freshened up their defensive end, with all players working hard to gain possession and exploit it, but the hosts won the day.

POM & OPOM: Kirsty Harry; sponsor: Powercuts Hairdressers

Doves 15, Venus 86

VENUS started the game with an all-out attitude against an opposition who could only field five players.

Having won the first centre pass, the opening play was a little uncomfortable as Venus’ wings had to fathom out who to mark.

But Venus got into their passing rhythm, stretching out the opposition and feeding Sarah Edwards (GA) and Alicia Clapp (GS).

Both shooters were on great form as Venus strolled to victory.

Sponsor: TMB Patterns Ltd

Minstrels 28, Mars 35

LOOKING to avenge previous defeats, Mars took the game to Minstrels, but the hosts would nor roll over.

The teams matched each other goal for goal up to the quarter time whistle.

Maintaining their efforts, Mars’ defensive team of Caitlin Howe and Ashlea Slater were outstanding, limiting Minstrels to five goals, while mother and daughter Becky and Immy Kennard sank nine between them.

Fresh legs kept Mars’ score ticking over, and although only three goals separated the teams at the start of the final quarter, the speed of Gail Cornish added impetus as Mars eased home.

POM: Caitlin Howe; OPOM: Chris Durant; sponsor: PAW Engineering Ltd

Arrows 32, Luna 32

LUNA came out firing in the first quarter and accurate passes from Gail Cornish (C) and Dawn Gardner (WA) into shooters Sharon Etheridge (GS) and Michaela Hoppins (GA) helped them win the first quarter 9-4.

Debutant Jo Duckett came on at wing defence and made her mark, but Arrows stepped up a gear to narrow the gap.

Solid defending from Gemma Malone (GK) edged Luna into a 24-21 lead, but Arrows managed to claw it back.

POM: Jane Adair; OPOM: Rebecca Dunn; sponsor: Paul Atyeo Building Services