THE Bridgwater Town League's 2018/19 winter season has its competition winners, after the Highest Score, Pairs and Singles competitions were held.

The Highest Score event was held at the Sydenham Centre, and began with Chris Hole hitting a 14 spare and Dan Russell a 15 spare.

John Cable hit a 15 spare in his second hand, and the fourth saw five spares – a 17 each for Russell and Jordan Jenkins, 16 for Steve Bull, 15 for Neil Villis and 14 for Bob Coles.

In the fifth hand, Kev Budd hit a 14, Trevor Nelson 15 and Mark Pope 16.

Pope added a 15 spare in the sixth hand, then finished off with a 14 spare in the final hand to collect the winner's trophy.

Russell was second, Hole third and Simon Manley fourth; trophies were presented by Martin Cockell of sponsor Perfect Ponds.

The annual Pairs knockout competition, sponsored by Paul Coleman Plumbing & Heating, began with a semi‐final round which saw a first‐hand 12 spare for Graham and Dave Smith.

In the second hand, Steve Redman hit a 13 spare, followed by a 15 in the third hand, and his partner Andy Wood added a 14 and then a 16 in the fourth.

Ryan Morgan and Alistair Richards added a 12 spare to their score in the fourth hand, then Morgan hit a 16 in the fifth.

A 15 spare in the fifth hand for Terry Baker and Paul Coleman was just enough to secure the third place trophy, while fourth went to Graham and Dave Smith.

The final pitted Redman and Wood against Morgan and Richards, and the first spare was hit by Wood in the second hand, then Morgan hit a 16 in the fourth, followed by a 14 in the fifth.

Redman added a 15 spare in the fifth and his partner Wood a 14 in the sixth hand.

But Richards hit a 13 spare in the sixth hand and Morgan another 13 in the last hand, which resulted in them winning the first place trophy.

Finally, the Singles knockout competition started with quarter-final matches, which started well for Mike Davidge, as he hit a 14 and 13 in his first two hands.

A 16 spare for Darren Pear in his fifth hand, a flopper 15 for Bob Shorthouse and a 15 for Sam Modley in the sixth put them all through to the semi‐final round.

Throughout the semi‐final match there was consistent skittling from all the players, but a 12 spare for Shorthouse and a 13 spare for Modley left Davidge picking up third place and Pear fourth.

In the final, Modley started with a 15 spare but Shorthouse stepped up and hit a 15 of his own in his second hand.

Modley came back with another 15 in the fourth and Shorthouse responded again, this time with a 13 in the fifth, leaving a difference of only one pin between them at the end of the match.

The outcome was Modley taking the runners-up trophy and Shorthouse lifting the winner’s trophy – Donna Cardwell of sponsor New Foresters doing the honours.