Somerset Division 2

Venus 54, Priory 31

BRIDGWATER Venus got off to a tentative start in the evening drizzle against Taunton Priory, but the hosts ended the first quarter 9-8 up.

For the second quarter Venus brought on Georgia Howe at WA, adding fresh legs, and the home side had a blinding quarter, popping in goal after goal as Hazel Hucker and Izzy Keane worked seamlessly together.

Venus led 25-17 at half-time, and they did not look back, with Beth Hayes coming on to pose more problems for the opposition.

Kia Jenner and Ashlea Salter won numerous interceptions and rebounds, allowing Venus’ defence to pressurise Priory’s attack into mistakes, Jess Chee bringing the ball back up the court.

Venus led 36-25 going into the final quarter, and ended up handsome winners.

Players of the match: Hazel Hucker & Jess Chee

Venus 29, Reckleford 46

VENUS were unable to secure a second victory of the week, losing out to Yeovil Reckleford.

The hosts put on great defensive pressure early on, with Ashlea Slater (GK) and Aiste Mockeliunaite (GD) to the fore, but the away side led 10-8.

Reckleford extended that to 22-14 at half-time, as wild passes off the back line cost Venus.

Half-time changes followed, and Izzy Keane (GA) was moving and shooting well – but Reckleford's lead was now 35-23.

Despite Venus' best efforts, Reckleford just kept pulling further ahead to win.

POM: Hazel Hucker; sponsor: TMB Patterns Ltd

Somerset Division 3

Mars 36, Jesters 28

JESTERS arrived with just seven players, and Mars took advantage with some good defence and great work in the circle by Alicia Clapp (GA) and Rebecca Kennard (GS), for a 13-10 lead.

The visitors upped their game in the second quarter, though, to move 21-19 ahead.

Mars introduced fresh legs for the third quarter, and with great interceptions from Sophie Atyeo (C) they re-took the lead, 26-25.

The home side pushed hard for the win, limiting their opponents to just five goals, to win by eight.

POM: Sophie Atyeo; sponsor: MJB Auto Services

Somerset Division 3

Luna 29, Comeytrowe 56

CERYS Ethridge (WA) brought strength to Luna's team in the attacking end, with strong passes into the shooters.

Sharon Ethridge (GS) and Sarah Edwards (GA) had great communication in the circle, but the first quarter ended 13-5 to Comeytrowe.

The second quarter continued at rapid pace, with both teams wanting the ball, and Morganne Dunn (GD) and Gemma Malone (GK) made great interceptions.

Comeytrowe led 27-10 at halfway, and although Luna gave their all, they were unable to get within half of their opponents' score.

POM & OPOM: Gail Cornish

Somerset Premier Division

Wyndham 48, Sapphires 21

SYDENHAM Sapphires were not able to match Yeovil team Wyndham at the weekend.

Despite the high levels of pressure from Carly Martin (GK), Emily Rossiter (GD) and Hannah Wallis (WD), the opposition crept slightly into the lead at the end of the first quarter.

Despite all the hard work and continuous effort from Sapphires, Wyndham were able to pull away each quarter, with the final score 48-21.

POM & OPOM: Emily Rossiter; UPOM: Carly Martin; sponsors: Medipak and Homes in Sedgemoor

Somerset Division 1

Vipers 62, Rubies 20

RUBIES had a tough game on Saturday against a strong Vipers side.

For all of Rubies’ pressure in the centre and attacking thirds, Vipers started off with a 15-5 lead.

Determination in the defensive third wasn’t enough against Vipers’ shooters, with some cracking shots making it 33-10 at half-time.

The last quarter was Rubies’ strongest positional changes, with all players working hard to make turnovers.

POM & UPOM: Charlie Webb; OPOM: Anna Belcher; sponsor: Medipak