WEMBDON cricketer Dominique Creedy is the most recent addition to the team at the Somerset Cricket Board, having joined earlier this year as a cricket development officer, writes Richard Walsh.

Creedy talked a little bit about herself, saying: “I went to East Bridgwater Community School [now Bridgwater College Academy] and then Bridgwater College to study Sports and Exercise Science.

“After that, I went off to the University of Gloucestershire and further studied Sport and Exercise Science; in fact, I am just about the finish that course in May.”

What will her new job entail?

“I will be involved with working with the community coaches visiting local schools and delivering cricket sessions, plus I will be working with All Stars, as well as women’s and girls’ cricket development.

“I will also be running matchday activation zones during all Somerset white-ball matches as well as the World Cup matches.”

Creedy plays her cricket at Wembdon Cricket Club, where she started back in 2012.

She said: “I have watched Somerset play cricket ever since I can remember then, after a session at school one day where we did cricket, I decided I quite liked it and started to play.”

“At Wembdon, our women’s side has come together quite well over the last few seasons - we have started to become quite successful and we’ve won more games than ever and some trophies, too.

“Bringing in the softball format has really helped us a great deal and there are a lot of new teams who are now playing.

“Softball cricket has helped us to recruit at Wembdon, as it has for teams all over the county, and some of those have now gone on to play hardball cricket as well.”

Part of Creedy’s remit will be to deliver assemblies in primary schools, something she is looking forward to.

“The assemblies have been a really good way in promoting All Stars which is due to start in May so, at the moment, I am busy booking in as many schools as I can, so children will know what it is all about and where their nearest centre is.”

She added: “I have been really lucky to come into what is a dream job for me, while still finishing off my degree.

“Being a cricket fan myself, this job is everything I have wanted to ever do.”