THE Taunton skyline was lit up last night (Monday) as Somerset County Cricket Club trialled their new floodlights for the first time.

The trial lasted for several hours to give an indication as to what impact the lights will have when in action and, as they have done throughout the process, they split opinion.

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On the County Gazette Facebook page, Wayne Bellamy said: "It gives the town a air of wonder and excitement.

"At least something works in Taunton and first time and on time. I’m impressed.

"Now all we need is a theatre built on the old market and wow Taunton will stand out for all the right reasons."

WATCH: The floodlights in action

Melanie Roberts Maier added: "Looks great and night games and matches are brilliant for putting Taunton on the sport map."

Margaret Caisey was less keen, saying: "I have a full view of these, I live right next to ‘em! I hates ‘em."

On the Gazette website, meanwhile, 'Godfrey & Sybil', however, said: "We live 30 seconds from the ground, and seeing them on tonight was amazing."

Somerset CCC chief executive Andrew Cornish believes the lights will benefit the local economy and claims "it is about far more than just the cricket club" - click here to read more.

Somerset head coach, Jason Kerr, meanwhile, said: "I think it's phenomenal.

"I get excited driving in ever morning seeing the lights from a distance, it gives me goosebumps.

"I can't wait until we get the opportunity to play under them.

"The atmosphere at Taunton is outstanding and to take that to another level will be very special."

The club are limited to how much they can use the lights - up to 26 occasions in the first year to allow for testing, then 17 times a year thereafter.

See the gallery above and check out the tweets below to see the lights in all their glory...

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