ENMORE Park Golf Club professional Nigel Wixon has been presented with The PGA in England and Wales (South West) Professional of the Year award for 2018.

The hugely popular Wixon was first appointed as PGA professional at Enmore Park way back in 1972, since when he has loved every minute of his time at the club.

Over the years, Wixon has seen many changes at Enmore Park, including a new clubhouse, extending the course and rearranging some of the course layouts, creating a new practice ground and building a new pro shop.

However, in all the time he has been at Enmore, he has never won the prestigious PGA (South West) Professional of the year award, about which he said: “I am more than pleased to be recognised in this way.

“It’s my last year in the job; it’s very satisfying and nice to know I’m appreciated. It’s the cream on top of the cake.”

Why did Wixon think he had won the award?

“Overall effort, I suppose, along with job satisfaction. Life’s about what you put in being more than you get out.”

Since 1972 there have been many changes in the game of golf, regarding which the Enmore Park PGA professional said: “There is a lot more technology involved in the game now, including golf club design.

“When I started, it was all about bladed clubs; now shafts are much lighter.

“The golf swing for the really good players is different, too. They have more power and are much fitter.”

How has the job as a PGA club professional changed over the years?

“Selling clubs is difficult in the modern age.

“The emphasis for a pro is more on teaching and less on sales, although we still do quite a bit of club fitting.

“One of the secrets to my success has been to have the previous year’s model available so as to give people a bargain.

“Everybody likes a bargain.”

Robert Moss, PGA South West regional manager, said: “Nigel has devoted most of his professional life to Enmore Park and, at 46 years’ service to them, is one of the longest serving professionals in the country.

“He has influenced many amateurs and professionals along that journey and it was an honour to present him with the PGA Professional of the year award at our recent AGM to recognise his contribution.

“We all wish him well in his upcoming and well-deserved retirement.”