Regional League 3 South

Jupiter 34, Vivary 43

BRIDGWATER Jupiter went into their home match against Taunton Vivary looking for vital points.

A positive start allowed Becky Hooper (GA) to sink her shots and stay in the game against an experienced Vivary team.

Starting the second quarter only two behind, Jupiter maintained their relentless pressure, and fine defending from Imma Matcham left the score at 21-18 at half-time.

Some team changes gave Vivary the momentum, and despite tireless work from Lisa Lukins (GK) and Sammie Griffin (WD), a late rally from the hosts was not enough to close the gap.

Players of the match: Lisa Lukins & Sammie Griffin; Opposition’s POM: Lisa Lukins; sponsor: Associated Roofing & Maintenance Ltd

Somerset Premier Division

Saturn 60, Sapphires 32

SATURN started strongly against local rivals Sydenham Sapphires, and the first quarter saw quick movement down the court by Sammie Griffin (C), helping Saturn to get an early 16-8 lead.

They stepped it up again, and Lisa Lukins (GD) shone as the lead was extended to 30-14.

In the third quarter, the shooting duo of Maddie Kennard (GS) and Katy Cheese (GA) continued to make their shots look easy, increasing the advantage to 45-22, and the Bridgwater team saw out the win.

POM: Lisa Lukins; sponsor: P.A.W Engineering Ltd

Somerset Division 1

Neptune 55, Rubies 25

NEPTUNE made a strong start against Sydenham Rubies, but despite good work in the attacking end from Cath Clark, Izzy Innalls and Katie Harris, Rubies led 10-9.

The second quarter saw Cerys Ethridge bring more speed to the game, and Neptune pushed ahead.

The third quarter saw Hannah Sayer, Sally Haysham and Emily Harwood to the fore with fine interceptions (37-22), and their game flowed in a confident final period.

POM: Katie Harris; sponsor: Merrick Construction

Somerset Division 2

Venus 55, Emeralds 30

ANOTHER Bridgwater v Sydenham fixture brought a new combination from Venus, with usual shooter Izzy Keane reading the play well in a new position, GD.

Jess Chee, Hazel Hucker and Cerys Ethridge worked well together and made it count on the scoreboard.

Venus steadily extended their lead each quarter, with steady play over the slippery court.

Going into the last quarter Venus had a 19-goal lead and some more tactical switches ensured there was no way back in for Emeralds.

POM: Hazel Hucker & Cerys Ethridge; OPOM: Jess Chee; sponsor: TMB Patterns Ltd

Somerset Division 3

Mars 27, Kingfishers 25

MARS made a great start to the home game at Blake, with excellent teamwork throughout and some fantastic play down the court.

The hosts shot into a 13-5 lead, thanks to the shooting of Rebecca Kennard (GS) and Alicia Clapp (GA) and some mean defence.

The centre court players worked tirelessly, keeping their side ahead, 19-11, but Kingfishers were gaining ground and by the end of the third quarter it was 24-20.

Mars played with great determination in the final quarter, to secure a narrow win.

POM & OPOM: Sophie Atyeo; sponsor: MJB Auto Services

Somerset Division 3

Arrows 15, Luna 23

LUNA made a slow start at Paulton, as a scrappy first quarter ended 5-3 to the hosts, but strong defence from Gemma Malone and Bex Dunn helped Luna lead 11-9 at half time.

Changes at half time saw Dawn Gardener and Kate Ateyo take the court, which steadied the play and secured a 16-13 advantage.

Impressive shooting from Sharon Etheridge and Sarah Edwards secured an eight-goal win.

POM: Gemma Malone; OPOM: Sarah Edwards


Regional League

Cornwall Saints 84, Sydenham Gems 38

Gems travelled to Truro to face Cornwall Saints.

The match was well contested throughout as Gems played to their strengths throughout, using players' versatility to make use of different combinations and set plays.

In the final quarter, Saints' strength finally got the better of Gems who had to concede defeat.

POTM: Beth Fella and Hannah Clapp

Somerset Premier

Sydenham Sapphires 32, Saturn 60

SAPPHIRES had a tough game against Bridgwater team Saturn.

Despite the high levels of pressure from Tilly, Carly and Lilly and multiple interceptions it didn’t stop the strong opposition from taking an early lead.

Shooters Michelle and Laura continued to work hard and still secure many goals.

Despite all the hard work and continuous effort from Sapphires, they were defeated.

POM: Lilly Paul; UPOM: Lilly Paul & Tilly Milburn; OPOM: Katie Hill

Somerset Division 2

Venus 55, Emeralds 30

EMERALDS had a tough game in miserable conditions but played extremely well against Venus from Bridgwater Netball Club.

The energy levels were high but the score did not match the enthusiasm.

Anna (C) tried to used both Charlie (WA) and Hollie (WD) to bring the ball to Carly (GS) and Rhiannon (GA) to score goals.

On the other side of the court, Angel (GD) and Amelia (GK) were consistently collecting rebounds and stopping the opposition from scoring.

Throughout the first two quarters, though, Emeralds were steadily out-played by Venus, who led 27-15 at halfway.

Jessie came on and injected some much-needed positivity, collecting rebounds from the opponents' shooting and allowing other players to bring the ball down the court for Carly and Rhiannon to score goals.

In the last quarter, a change of bibs allowed players to try new positions and confuse the opponents.

Despite this last-ditch attempt, Emeralds were still defeated but feel that trying something new was a worthwhile experiment on which to build.

POM , UPOM & OPOM: Hollie Davies