Regional League 3 South
Titans 42, Jupiter 38

AMAZING feeds from Amy Portlock (WA) into Rebecca Hooper (GA), who shot with ease, saw Bridgwater Jupiter take the lead in the first quarter.

The next quarter saw Sally Haysham (GD) intercept numerous passes and Eve Jenner’s (GK) amazing stretch limited Titans to only eight goals.

Still in the lead, Jupiter knew they had to keep pushing, however fatigue soon crept up on them and allowed Titans to pull ahead.

Player of the match: Eve Jenner; Opposition's POM: Kia Jenner; sponsor: Associated Roofing and Maintenance Ltd

Somerset KO Cup
Saturn 78, Rubies 16

THE match got off to a strong start with defensive duo Lisa Lukins (GD) and Abbie Newton (GK) getting great interceptions.

Saturn were able to maintain their lead with accurate passes into the circle from Sammie Griffin (C) and Hannah Sayer (WA) to the shooters.

Accurate shooting and great rebounds from shooters Katy Cheese (GA) and Maddie Kennard (GS) saw the third quarter end 11-63.

The team kept pushing with accurate passes by Ellie Schofield (WA) into the shooters as Saturn maintained a strong lead.

POM: Katy Cheese; OPOM: Katy Cheese & Sammie Griffin; sponsor: P.A.W Engineering Ltd

Somerset Division 1
Neptune 20, Quantock 28

NEPTUNE made a great start and ended the first quarter 8-7 up.

The second quarter brought great play from Hannah Sayer and Chris Durant, who worked tirelessly to get the ball to the shooters.

The defence of Sally Haysham and Emily Harwood worked incredibly hard, with Amy Miller (WD) helping to bring the ball down court from the defence.

The final quarter saw fantastic efforts from Katy Anthony (WD) to turn the ball over but the game ended 20-28 to Quantock

POM: Emily Harwood; sponsor: Merrick Construction

Somerset KO Cup
Venus 20, Queensway 57

A VENUS side depleted by illness struggled to pass the ball smoothly through the court to their shooters and trailed 44-9 after three quarters.

Venus improved in the final quarter as pressure from Jazz Alexander saw numerous intercepts and forced wayward passes from Queensway.

Venus narrowly lost the final quarter 11-13 and exited the cup.

POM: Izzy Keane, Hazel Hucker & Jazz Alexander

Somerset Division 3
Mars 27, Minstrels 49

THE first quarter saw accurate shooting from Sharon Ethridge (GA) and Rebecca Kennard (GS).

Georgia Howe worked tirelessly as wing defence with help from Sophie Atyeo, both showing their versatility.

Mars continued to fight but allowed Minstrels to pull away and by the end of the third quarter Mars were trailing 37-22.

Mars had a team shuffle in the last quarter, but Minstrels ran out winners despite a great Mars effort.

POM: Sophie Atyeo; OPOM: Georgia Howe; sponsor: MJB Auto Services

Bridgwater Mercury:

SATURN: Hannah Sayer, Julie McClean, Sally Haysham, Katy Cheese, Lisa Lukins, Sammie Griffin, Ellie Schofield, Maddie Kennard, Abbie Newton.


Regional League 3 South
Gems 31, Titans 40

SYDENHAM Gems came out hard and strong, shaking up their opponents in Sunday’s match.

With fantastic defence and several timely interceptions from player of the match Kerry Fellows, Gems took the lead in the first half.

Lovell Titans made some tactical changes at half time, however, and came back fighting.

Gems maintained momentum in the second half, using the length of the court to bring the ball to the attack.

But with consistent speed and shooting from the opposition, Gems lost out on the win.

Player of the match: Kerry Fellows; opposition’s POM: Kerry Fellows; umpires’ POM: Beth Fella; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset KO Cup
Sapphires 52, Parkfield 37

SAPPHIRES had a great game against Galmington Parkfield in the Knockout Cup.

Excellent defence from Carly, Emily and Lilly delayed Parkfield’s play and they struggled to feed the ball in to their shooters.

Patience and control from Mikki Hole and Katie Hill ensured the balls into the circle counted at the other end.

Tilly and Michelle Jenkins’ movement and shooting were on song, as the team secured an overdue win.

POM: Mikki Hole; UPOM: Michelle Jenkins; OPOM: Emily Rossiter; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset KO Cup
Rubies 16, Saturn 78

RUBIES knew that Saturday’s cup game was going to be tough against Premier Division team Bridgwater Saturn.

The Sydenham side took a while to get onto the scoreboard, with strong defensive play from Saturn allowing them to take control of the game, as the first quarter ended 23-2.

The second quarter was much the same, although with some team changes Rubies managed to score more goals (44-6).

After half time there were more team changes, with fresh legs coming on in attack, which enabled Carly and Shell to take to goal.

In the last quarter Rubies worked hard in defence to stop Saturn scoring, which worked, but the deficit was too much for them to claw back.

POM: Charlie Webb, Jessie Venning & Anna Jenkin; UPOM: Jessie Venning; OPOM: Anna Belcher; sponsor: Medipak