Regional League 3 South

Vivary 44, Gems 42

SYDENHAM Gems took a narrow lead, but Vivary found their rhythm and held a four-goal lead at the end of the second.

The last quarter saw the Sydenham side move Beth Fella to GA, which injected some pace and drive.

Gems found a new fight and won the last quarter 13-8, but overall it wasn’t enough as Vivary came through 44-42.

Player of the match: Beth Fella; umpires’ player of the match: Amy Burley; opposition’s player of the match: Beth Fella; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset Premier Division

Sapphires 35, Kestrels 46

KESTRELS gained an early lead, but strong defence from WD Lilly, who got multiple interceptions, helped Sapphires get on the scoreboard.

In the second quarter, great defence from GK Emily and GD Carly helped push up the score, reaching half time 22-14 behind.

In the third and fourth quarter the shooters were getting into good space and scoring goals, but couldn’t keep up with Kestrels and ultimately lost out 46-35.

POM: Emily Rossiter; UPOM: Katie Hill & Shell Jenkins; OPOM: Katie Hill; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset Division 1

Rubies 33, Kites 69

RUBIES started out steady, although Kites had a good lead of 17-10.

In the second quarter, Rubies scored another six goals, but Kites ended the quarter with a 35-16 lead.

Rubies kept on fighting but weren’t able to catch up.

POM & UPOM: Steph; OPOM: Lilly; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset Division 2

Tudor 45, Emeralds 28

EMERALDS quickly went behind by three goals, but rallied to draw level.

Both teams took advantage of interceptions to finish the first quarter 9-9.

Tudor were quick off the mark to end the second quarter 20-14 up.

Some impressive shooting from Rhiannon and Charlie saw Emeralds end the third quarter 33-21 down.

Sydenham players Hannah, Hollie and Lucy worked hard in the final quarter, making superb interceptions to turn the ball over, but Tudor ran out comfortable winners.

POM: Angel Finka; OPOM: Hannah Wallis; UPOM: Hannah Wallis & Charlie Webb; sponsor: Medipak

Regional League 3S

Bridgwater Jupiter 27, Bodmin 56

DESPITE strong feeds into the shooter from Amy Portlock and superb shooting from Rebecca Hooper, Bodmin managed to take the lead.

In the second quarter, Imma Matcham battled hard in defence but although Jupiter doubled their score, Bodmin pulled away to a half-time score of 14-28.

Even with Kia Jenner’s impressive attacking play, Jupiter were unable to pull back the scoreline.

Opposition player: Kia Jenner; team sponsored by Associated Roofing & Maintenance Ltd.

Somerset Premier

Saturn 40, Tomahawks 47

INTERCEPTIONS from Lisa Lukins allowed Saturn to convert opposing passes into goals, but the first quarter ended 12-13 to Tomahawks.

Strong centre passes from Sammie Griffin and accurate feeds from Cerys Ethridge allowed Saturn to stay in touch but Tomahawks took advantage of errors to take the match.

Pom: Cerys Ethridge; sponsor - PAW Engineering Ltd.

Somerset Division 1

Neptune 27, Vipers 78

NEPTUNE struggled to keep possession throughout, despite Jess Chee, Amy Miller and Emily Harwood pressurising the Vipers attackers.

Chris Durant (C) and Hannah Sayer (WA) worked hard feeding into Izzy Innalls (GA) and Katie Harris (GS) but Vipers built on their big lead.

Pom: Emily Harwood and Chris Durant; opom: Katie Harris; sponsor - Merrick Construction.