Somerset Division 2
Queensway 37, Venus 31

BRIDGWATER Venus were composed in difficult conditions away to Galmington Queensway, winning the first centre pass and taking it straight to goal, however Queensway weren’t far behind.

The first quarter continued tit-for-tat, ending 9-7 to the home team.

Venus’s second quarter performance didn’t improve in line with Queensway, who settled into their stride scoring 13 in the quarter.

Venus doubled their score to 14 from great inner circle team work from Flora Horrox and Izzy Keane whose shooting accuracy was on top game.

Jasmine Alexander and Amy Miller had to work hard for the tips and interceptions and Ashlea Slater dominated any rebounds.

With Tiffany Brice helping to support the transition up court alongside Jess, the ball regularly hit the attacking third.

Going into the final quarter Venus had reduced the lead down to seven goals and continued to apply the defensive pressure, even though the rain had set in.

Loose balls were being snatched up by the Blues and Venus took every care to turn them to their benefit.

The rain increased in intensity yet again but, knowing the minutes were counting down, Venus still pushed for rebounds and interceptions but the final score was 31-37 to Queensway.

Player of the match: Flora Horrox & Jasmine Alexander; opposition’s POM: Flora Horrox; sponsor: TMB Patterns Ltd

Somerset Division 3
Mars 30, Arrows 24

THE freezing, rainy, gusty weather had a massive influence on the match as fingers froze and the slippery court led to a few injuries.

Mars were robust and worked hard in the challenging weather conditions.

The first quarter saw accurate shooting from Alicia Clapp (GA) and Becky Kennard (GS) and Mars pulled into a lead that they kept for the whole match.

Aiste Mockeliunaite and Abbie Newton showed their versatility and helped create opportunities with many accurate defensive tips.

Amy Miller (GK) kept the opposition’s goals to a minimum with great defence in the circle.

Ella Smith, Chris Shaw and Amy Kemmish provided skilful support in the centre court, continually feeding the ball into the circle against a strong Arrows defence.

Mars were very pleased to have won this match, having lost to the same opponents in the previous away game.

POM: Amy Kemmish; OPOM: Aiste Mockeliunaite; sponsor: MJB Auto Services


Somerset Premier Division
Sapphires 39, Tomahawks 55

WITH great defending from Emily Rossiter and Sue Bushnell, Sydenham team Sapphires managed to turn several balls over.

In the second quarter, Sapphires managed to get the ball down the court, with great passing and attacking from Carly Martin, Mikki Hole and Lilly Paul allowing Tilly Milburn and Laura Coombes to receive the ball in the circle (17-28).

Sapphires continued to battle but Tomahawks managed to pull ahead to win 55-39.

POM: Emily Rossiter; umpires’ POM: Mikki Hole & Carly Martin; OPOM: Emily Rossiter

Somerset Division 1
Rubies 35, Vipers 66

SYDENHAM Rubies started steadily in their match on Saturday, but Vipers took an 18-9 lead.

In the second quarter, Rubies scored another nine goals; Vipers took charge, however, ending the quarter on 37.

Rubies kept on fighting but weren’t able to catch up with a strong Vipers team.

POM: Lilly Paul; UPOM: Shell Jenkins; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset Division 2
Newbarn 65, Emeralds 14

IN the first quarter, Emeralds battled through the terrible weather away to Newbarn, and good defence from GD Jessie and GK Angel left the scoreline at 12-5 to their Galmington hosts.

Emeralds’ WA Lucy made some lovely interceptions in the second quarter, but still Newbarn pulled away to lead 34-9 at the halfway stage in the match.

Emeralds held their heads high, with some accurate shots by GS Rhiannon and GA Charlie taking the score to 53-12.

In the final quarter, there was lovely passing down the court, bringing the ball to the circle, by C Hannah and WD Hollie, but the final score was a resounding 65-14 win for a very strong Newbarn side.

POM & UPOM: Hannah Wallis & Charlie Webb; OPOM: Jessie Venning; sponsor: Medipak


COMMONWEALTH Games gold medallist and England Netball star Serena Guthrie visited Bridgwater & Taunton College last week to deliver a coaching masterclass to Team BTC netball students and staff.

Guthrie delivered a session on zonal defence, and set the players up with a number of drills to practice, with almost immediate results.

BTC sports development manager Carly Martin said: “The girls were so excited to work and meet with her, and she really did live up to expectations with her friendly nature and excellent coaching workshops.”