SYDENHAM Netball Club gained a double promotion in the Somerset League, with Sapphires and Rubies going up to the Premier Division and Division 1, respectively. 

Sapphires were winners of Division 1, and Rubies runners-up in Division 2. 

Sydenhams' other teams, Gems and Emeralds, were successful in remaining in their divisions, Regional League 3 and Somerset Division 3, respectively.

Sydenham also had double success in the Plate competition, with Sapphires and Rubies winning their round robin groups and then the finals. 

Sapphires won the Upper Plate competition and Rubies the Lower Plate competition.

Bridgwater Mercury:

SMILES: Sydenham Rubies (from left) - Kerry Clarke, Lilly Paul, Justine Pearn, Steph Gibson, Carly Langdon, Katie Issit, Jess Bull, Rheanne Lee, Grace Morris, Kirsty Richards.