South West Netball League
Regional 3 South
Sydenham Gems 48, Tor Knights 53

THIS weekend brought Gems’ derby match, and after being defeated by Knights at the start of the season, the hosts were determined to give them a tough game.

The first quarter saw great movement in attack providing numerous opportunities, but Knights matched this and a goal-for-goal pattern emerged as the period ended 12-12.

The second quarter proved successful for the defence, with numerous tips and interceptions from Kerry, Beth and Amy, and Gems took the lead at 26-25 on half time.

An unsteady start to the second half gave Knights the opportunity they needed to pull a couple goals in front, and Gems couldn’t deny the accuracy of the Tor shooters, ending the quarter trailing 41-34.

A fiercely contested final quarter saw both teams fight until the final whistle, as Danni continued to feed accurate passes into the circle and was positioned well around the circle edge.

But Knights were too far in front for Gems to catch up, the visitors winning 53-48.

Player of the match: Danni Addicott; sponsor: Medipak


South West Netball League
Regional 2
Bridgwater Jupiter 26, Imperial Royals 64

JUPITER started off strongly in the first quarter, remaining within half of Imperial’s score, ending the first quarter trailing 18-9.

Going into the second quarter, the whole team kept on pushing to get more goals.

With amazing shooting from Maddie Kennard and Kia Jenner, who kept their calm against Imperial’s defence, the half-time score was 35-14.

As the third quarter started Jupiter aimed to limit the goals scored by the visitors.

Both Sally Haysham and Emily Bridges were getting tips and interception off the opposition, and with Julie McClean supporting the defence and ensuring that the ball made it down the court, they ended the third quarter at 46-19.

For the final quarter, Jupiter gave their all, and both Cerys Ethridge and Alisha Gardener worked hard down the court to feed the ball into the shooters.

But despite the amazing effort from the whole team, the match ended 64-26 to Imperials.

The team thanks all the supporters who came to cheer them on.

Player of the match: Alisha Gardener; opposition player of the match: Kia Jenner; sponsor: Associated Roofing and Maintenance, Bridgwater

Somerset County Cup
Bridgwater Saturn 24, Hendford 49

SATURN took to the court for the first round of the Somerset County Cup, and they began well, with defensive duo Aiste Mockeliunaite (GD) and Eve Jenner (GK) working well to win turnovers and get the ball back down the court, but the first quarter ended with them trailing 14-11.

The second quarter started off slowly for Saturn as an injury struck, and although the centre court trio of Hannah Sayer (WA), Ellie Schofield (C) and Rebecca Dunn (WD) worked hard, Saturn couldn’t quite keep up with Hendford, and at half time they were 26-15 behind.

Shooters Sarah Perry (GA) and Jessie Woodberry (GS) moved the ball around the shooting area well and had some great shots, as the period finished at 36-19.

The final quarter saw effort from every team member, but Hendford continued to pull away and Saturn were knocked out of the cup.

POM: Eve Jenner; OPOM: Ellie Schofield