This year’s Eurovision Song Contest begins in Malmö, Sweden this week and if you’re keen to watch along and vote for your favourite, here’s how you can.

The contest is widely known for its complex voting system.

The semi-finals will be broadcast on the BBC on May 7 and May 9 with the grand final airing on May 11.

How to vote for your favourite during Eurovision 2024

Viewers watching in participating countries can vote for their favourite Eurovision act via the app, phone and SMS and

You can find out more about how to vote via the Eurovision Song Contest website.

Those watching in the UK can only vote in the Semi-Final that the UK has been assigned to. They cannot however vote for the UK.

Each person can vote up to 20 times for the countries they like.

A video on the Eurovision YouTube channel explains that viewers in non-participating countries can also vote as part of the Rest of the World block.

Votes from all countries are converted into points and are given to the 10 most popular songs with a maximum of 12 points.

The countries with the top 10 songs in each Semi-Final will qualify for the Final

Last year's winner and the big five will join them in the Final, making it 26 entries in the Final.

On Saturday, the final will see audiences from participating countries and the rest of the world vote for their favourite songs.

Votes from the public will be combined with those from a set of professional juries from each participating country.

The juries from each country will give a score of between one to 12 points with their favourite receiving 12 points.

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A national spokesperson from the participating countries will be called in to present the points of their professional jury.

Each country will then be awarded their votes from the public by the hosts

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Voting at the Grand Final will open just before the first song begins and it will stay open until approximately 25 and 40 minutes after the last song is presented.

During the Semi-Finals, voting will begin when the final song has ended and viewers will have between 15 to 25 minutes to cast their vote.

How is a Eurovision winner chosen?

The country with the most votes in the Grand Final will be crowned the Eurovision Song Contest winner and they'll receive a trophy.

The winning country will also be given the opportunity to host next year's contest.