Hairdressers and barbers are set to reopen in England from July 4.

But customers have been warned to expect some major changes.

While details are yet to emerge for those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - the rules below are set to be similar to the ones in England.

Here's a round-up of what you can and cannot do in a hair salon - according to PA.

What can I expect when I get there?

Markings on the floor will show where customers should sit, with people encouraged to turn up to their appointment exactly on time, instead of being in waiting areas.

For those who have to queue - that should be done outside with social distancing in place - with people urged to attend appointments on their own.

When inside, customers should expect to be seated away from others and side-to-side, with at least one metre (or possibly two) between themselves and others.

The till points will have perspex screens, seperating customers and cashiers, with the doors and windows will be kept open to increase ventilation.

The use of screens to create a physical barrier between workstations, where practical, has also been recommended.

What about face coverings?

Hairdressers and barbers must wear a protective visor that extends below their chin - but there is no need to wear an additional face mask.

Customers can choose to wear a face covering if they wish to but this is not compulsory.

However - having a blow dry is not banned under the guidance.

Will I get my usual tea or coffee and a magazine while there?

Some bad news here. Drinks and magazines will be off limits, with customers encouraged to bring their own drinks.

Depending on the salon, disposable cups may be used.

Will safety measures will be in place?

Yes. The guidance says customers should be encouraged to wash or sanitise their hands as they enter the premises or before a treatment.

Salons should use disposable equipment where possible, but should wash non-disposable equipment such as scissors between each client.

Customer chairs should also be sanitised after each use, toilets cleaned regularly and disposable gowns used for each person where possible, with clean towels for each client.

How will customers find out if there has been a coronavirus outbreak linked to a salon?

Barbers anhd salons, along with other close contact services, have been told they must keep a temporary record of all clients and visitors for 21 days in case there is an outbreak.

That allows NHS Test and Trace to contact those who have been in close contact with an infected individual - and inform them that they need to self-isolate.

Are mobile hairdressers allowed to work?

Yes they are - however, only the client should be present in the same room for appointments at home.