BILL Revans has lived in this constituency for all his 51 years, growing up in Goathurst and now living in North Petherton.

His father was a works engineer at British Cellophane and his mother was a school cook.

Highly experienced, Bill taught history in local secondary schools for 22 years (including 13 years at East Bridgwater School) finishing to be a carer for his late wife.

He has three grown up children, two of whom now work for our NHS.

For the last 14 years he has been a respected local councillor, currently representing North Petherton on Sedgemoor District Council and Somerset County Council.

Education, the NHS and social care and protecting the environment are his main policy interests.

Bill has campaigned over many years for local schools funding, opposed the privatisation of learning disability services and spoken up for housing developments to have the transport, roads, education and health facilities to create communities.

Passionate about the environment, Bill worked with Councillors of all parties to get an emergency climate change declaration passed and a frack-free zone declared.

“My message is simple - we need to stop Brexit. Brexit will make our area poorer and threatening local jobs.

“Local agriculture, manufacturing and tourism will be especially at risk.

“This will make investing in our local services like the NHS and education harder.

“It will also make tackling the climate emergency change much more difficult.

“Low-lying Sedgemoor is on the front line of climate change and would be inundated by rising sea levels if we don’t act now.”

“Just as I have been as a local teacher and councillor, I will be a hard-working, caring local MP for our area.”