ARE you fed up with the usual suspects?

Fed up being unclear of what Labour stands for any more?

Fed up with the Liberal Democrats’ total disrespect for the popular vote?

Fed up with the old school club which the Conservatives have become?

The Liberal Party stands for an NHS focused on preventative medicine.

We stand for free vocational training and university tuition and for a de-politicised independent education commission.

We stand for reducing waste and promoting and massive investment in realistic sustainable energy solutions. We stand for reducing income tax in the lower bands, increasing inheritance tax and introducing land value tax (with reliefs for farmers).

We stand for a rural subsidy scheme based on practices which are economically sustainable, which safeguard the environment and enhance product quality.

We stand for abolishing corporation tax for start-ups. While strengthening intelligence and countering cybercrime, we oppose Trident and interventionist military actions abroad.

We believe in respecting the outcome of the referendum and seeing Brexit through. People who live in Bridgwater and West Somerset have so much to be proud of.

Let’s use what we’ve got and promote ourselves and our products more and realise our potential as a vibrant economy that is attractive for people of all ages to live, work and visit.

Show the usual suspects that you’re fed-up. Show them that it’s time for fresh, straight-forward, radical and truly Liberal reforms.

Vote for the Liberal Party this election!

Formerly the Theatre Manager at Strode Theatre, I am now the Exec Director of an International arts festival, and live in Chilton Polden.

I have experience in running businesses and charities, teaching and working with communities and stake-holders, having previously been an elected Councillor and worked in community-facing organisations.

Get in touch: email or call 0330 223 5773