IF you are bored to tears with Brexit I am not in the least bit surprised.

The referendum was three and half years ago. Bridgwater decisively voted to leave, but we are still stuck in the EU because Parliament has repeatedly refused to agree.

That is the reason why this election is happening.

Against all the odds, the Prime Minister negotiated a decent deal in Brussels. But Labour and the Liberal Democrats conspired to stop it.

The only way to make progress now is by asking YOU to settle the matter – by putting a cross on the ballot paper.

If the election gives the Conservatives a working majority Britain will be out of the EU by the end of January.

Then the important work can begin. We are already spending record sums on the NHS, boosting school budgets and providing a lot extra for the police as well. More will follow.

We want a fair society in which everyone feels safe. We intend to control our borders sensibly and ensure that justice is seen to be done by making punishments fit the crimes.

Taxes for small businesses will be reduced and National Insurance contributions cut.

There will be huge investments in new infrastructure projects.

We are also promising a green future with intelligent policies to protect the countryside and prevent against climate change.

I am proud to have served for eighteen years as your MP. I always fight to get the best for West Somerset. The resilience of the people never fails to impress me.

I will protect the moors and the hills. I will defend local jobs in farming and tourism, ensure we all get proper broadband and campaign vigorously for everyone.

I am certain better times are coming.

I hope you will support me on December 12th.