A DISTRAUGHT Sedgemoor woman is urging pet owners to be on their guard after her cat was poisoned.

Four-year-old tomcat Marbles died after consuming a toxic chemical often found in anti-freeze.

Owner Emma Guy, of Stogursey, took him to a vet after he began acting tired and lethargic.

A few days later Marbles’ condition deteriorated and he could not walk and began vomiting green stomach acid.

He was taken back to the vet and put on a drip but he had already developed chronic renal failure and died the next morning.

Emma says she does not know where Marbles could have ingested the poison but he rarely went further than the back alley behind their home.

RSPCA investigators are refusing to rule out the possibility he may have been deliberately poisoned.

Emma believes other cats in the area have also been poisoned in the past.

Now she wants to warn others to look out for the symptoms Marbles showed.

She said: “Marbles was only four years old and had so much life left in him. He was absolutely beautiful. He was different from others cats, he was something special.

”I want to do whatever I can to prevent this happening again.”

Some of the symptoms include vomiting, appearing depressed, sleepy, drunk or uncoordinated, seizures, difficulty breathing, increased thirst, and increased urination.

The RSPCA is now appealing for any information into Marbles’ death and warns anyone found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal could face a maximum six-month prison sentence and/or a £20,000 fine.

Anyone with information should call the RSPCA Cruelty and Information line on 0300-1234999 and leave a message for inspector Jo Daniel.