It was all fun and games around Enmore Park for the final Get into Golf session.

Over the course of the programme, golf enthusiasts were coached under the meticulous eyes of Harry Brown and Alex Elwick.

These beginners were led through the gamut of golf intricacies, ranging from mastering driving, long irons, pitching, bunker shots, to putting.

Moving ahead, these golf enthusiasts are all set to participate in a few more supervised games before they transition to an exclusive one-off Academy membership.

This three-month experience provides them with debriefed admission to the course and the opportunity to inch towards obtaining a handicap.

Taking a collective team effort, Get into Golf has solidified its place as a pillar that fortifies the budding golf community at Enmore Park Golf Club.

As further testament to its influential impact, another instalment of the programme will be available later in the golf season.

Contact PGA Golf professional Harry Brown at for more information.

Bridgwater Mercury:

The Terry Green Open then unfolded on a splendid Sunday.

With over 25 golf clubs fielding 60 contenders, the course was a hive of golfing activity.

The title saw talents like Neville Gibson (Long Ashton) and Sue Gibson (Henbury) emerge victorious, registering a record 6 points on the 16th hole and totalling 46.

Meanwhile, homegrown talents, Andrew Kidsley and Ros Wills (Oake Manor), were a close second with 44 points, with Bob and Sue Acland in third position, trailing by a single point.

Elsewhere, during a tense Enmore Seniors match held against Bristol and Clifton, the home team conceded 4 to 2 despite some laudable efforts.

The competition saw excellent performances from Tim Smith and David Clayton with Paul Henson and Steve Wilcox clinching victories for their pairings.

The Ladies' Individual 9-hole competition saw former club captain Gewn Cavill emerge victorious, scoring a narrow one-point win over Anne Elliott-Rose.

Fiona Ryan finished as the third highest scorer.

A gripping contest ensued during the Ladies Foundation 18-hole Medal which concluded with Angie Bowden emerging victorious against Sally Dymock, despite them ending with the same score.

Tracey Clapp secured the third spot.

Lastly, Ian Ashman reigned victorious during Saturday's monthly medal clash, incorporating the Brian Cup.

Daniel Pester and Sam Storey followed, nabbing the second and third positions respectively.

Week 7 of the Summer League saw Tim O'Sullivan in the lead, with Shane Owens and Paraic Dwyer, hot on his heels, in second and third respectively.