BRIDGWATER United Football Club are investigating reports of a small group of fans spitting on opposition players.

After the Robins' home match against Clevedon Town on Saturday, December 30, it has been alleged that fans spat on and abused the away players.

In a statement, the club has said: "We are investigating a spitting incident after yesterday's game with Clevedon Town FC.

"As with all clubs, there are a minority that you would rather not attach themselves to a club. We would like to apologise to all at Clevedon Town FC from all at BUFC."

The allegations were made by the players and staff in person on the day of the match and later, on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Adam Venton, a coach at Clevedon Town, said: "Full time, having our boys spat on and abused by Bridgwater United fans is unacceptable.

"All for the banter that comes with winning and losing, but that’s too far. Huge crowd and well matured majority, but a small minority - classless and disgusting."