THIS latest eating challenge is so ridiculous so far nobody has finished it.

Cow ‘n Bun, in Bridgwater, set tongues wagging with their Beat the Meat challenge when it opened in October 2017.

That proved just as formidable.

But now, the stakes (or should we say steaks) are even higher.

The burger bar is now challenging diners to eat all 18 burgers on the menu – and in only 25 minutes.

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The Little Cow challenge includes eating the 'Cow and Chicken', chicken burger 'Naughty Bird' and the menu's brand new 'Garlic Butter Burger'.

Customers who complete the challenge will get their meal for free but those who don't will have to fork out £30.

Mark Studley, owner of Cow ‘n Bun, in High Street, said the restaurant is keen to bring a new challenge to the table as no one has yet managed to complete the first one.

Bridgwater Mercury:

This burger consisted of eight 5oz steak mince patties, 16 slices of crispy streaky bacon with 16 melted American cheese slices in-between, topped off with pickles and baconnaise and ketchup.

"We have only just launched this new eating challenge and so far no one has completed it," Mark said.

"A lot of people have done our Beat the Meat challenge but so far no one has completed it.

"We have a new menu coming out at the end of April and we just wanted to change things up a bit, so we thought this would be the perfect way to do it."

Bridgwater Mercury:

The venue has been a popular eating spot for customers across the county since it opened last year and Mark said he hopes the new menu will be a hit with customers.

"The Little Cow challenge is just a bit of fun for customers. The restaurant has been doing really well since we opened and we just wanted to bring something new to the table," Mark said.

"We have had customers from Exeter to Bristol coming down to try our burgers and the response we have had has been really positive.

"When I opened this place I knew I wanted to create burgers that people enjoy. I think people prefer to have a dirty burger with lots of meat and cheese and they have proved to be very popular.

"We have got a massive following online and have a good reputation and it’s something we are proud of."

Mark said customers who want to take on the meaty challenge will need to give him 24 hours’ notice so he has all the ingredients to make it.