STORM Emma has produced the biggest snowfall and disruption to Bridgwater and Somerset in recent memory.

But how does it compare to the blizzard of 1978, which caused widespread havoc across the south west.

We have been delving through the Mercury archives and found an article by Trevor Lane from the Tuesday, February 21 edition.

This might be an iceblast from the past for those of you old enough to remember it:

"Thursday night saw the big blizzard - the worst in memory. It cut off from town from country and threatened to disrupt industry. But apart from a few instances, the disruption failed to materialise.

Bridgwater Mercury:

"Somehow or other Bridgwater managed to keep the wheels turning - if not in the roads, certainly in the factories. Schools, or course, remained closed yesterday after the half-term break.

"Determination was the keynote of success. Hundreds of people walked into town from as far distant as Woolavington and Thurloxton. On some country roads they plodded through three feet of snow until they reached the town boundary where Sedgemoor workmen had been working like Trojans day and night to to keep main roads open.

"With every village surrounding Bridgwater cut off it was surprising that such a large number of people reported for work."

Bridgwater Mercury:

The article states a number of other things that ring true for the 2018 storm. Refuse collections were cancelled, buses stopped running and there were limited supplies of bread and milk available.

The 1978 blizzard sadly claimed the lives of two people, a woman in her car at Quantoxhead and a 63-year-old man sheltering with others at a village hall in the Othery area.

"Despite the driving snow, Bridgwater Rugby Club still played at Weston-Super-Mare on Wednesday and won by six points to three thanks to a penalty and drop-goal by the aptly-named winter," it states in Trevor's article.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Children worked together to create an eight foot snowman at Alfoxton Green and there were snowball fights and sledging across the area.

Do you remember the blizzard of 1978 in Bridgwater? How does in compare - send in your stories to