SELFLESS residents in a Chilton Trinity estate have braved the cold weather and pulled together to clear a path for their neighbour who is due to give birth today. 

Lana Buchanan, a resident on the Redrow Estate in Chilton Trinity, posted a video on social media which showed residents donning wellies and picking up their spades to clear away the snow so fellow resident, Laura Lewis, can have a safe path to the hospital to have her baby. 

Lana says residents rallied together after finding out about Laura's due date on a WhatsApp group chat. 

"It’s our neighbour Laura Lewis who is due today.

"A message was sent on our estates Whatsapp group for any help, there was then a exodus of neighbours with shovels who cleared their drive and the main access route out of the street.

"Local farmers also came through with a snow plough and are also trying to clear the main road to town, it’s a beautiful demonstration of neighbourly spirit. 

"Thankfully we also have a nurse who lives a few doors down so they will help should she go into labour.

"We are hoping that she can last as few days as we are in a foot of snow here."

Mum-to-be-Laura said her husband started clearing the path this morning and residents then came to help. 

"It was very unexpected, my husband and I started clearing it this morning and a neighbour saw us and started helping, then lots more people joined in. 

"My due date is today so it's nice to know that we can now get out to Musgrove if/when needed. 

"I want to say a big thank you to everybody who has been helping out."