EDF has been left with a bill of more than £400,000 after nearly double the amount of workers allowed to live in a village moved in. 

The Accommodation Strategy outlined that a threshold of 84 people had been set for Hinkley C workers living in rented properties in Cannington. 

But the energy giant has admitted to the actual figure being nearly double that allowed. 

A contingency payment of £440,000 is now owed to Sedgemoor District Council for the 88 people that are there unplanned, a sum that equates to £5,000 per person. 

The council says it will use the contingency payment to deliver additional housing capacity and put it towards the regeneration of brownfield sites. 

A sum of £70,000 has also been paid to the district council due to the reduction in the number of bed spaces at the Bridgwater campus.

The figures come from the Hinkley Housing Strategy that came before Sedgemoor District Council's community scrutiny committee on Monday afternoon. 

David Eccles, EDF Energy’s head of stakeholder engagement for Hinkley Point C, said: “Hinkley Point C is already providing huge opportunities for the local area and we continue to work closely with local authorities to support local communities and services through agreements worth almost £100 million.

“We are specifically supporting the provision of local accommodation and have committed £5 million to local councils to increase the supply of suitable housing for both our workers and for local people

“We are providing around 1,500 additional bedspaces for our workers through the construction of dedicated campus accommodation in Bridgwater and at the Hinkley Point C site.”