PAT Watts was born to ride and shows no signs of stalling – despite hitting his 80th birthday.

Pat, who runs Pat Watts Motorcycles, based in St Mary's Street in Bridgwater, with his son Michael, 50, and grandson Jordan, 23, celebrated his 80th on Tuesday, February 20.

As well as being among the most successful businesses in the town, Pat Watts is the longest-running family-run motorcycle specialist in the South West.

"I did my apprenticeship with Wyverns in West Street and over the years I worked for motorcycle dealers in Burnham-on-Sea and Street, among others, before branching out on my own," Mr Watts said.

In that time Pat Watts Motorcycles has offered a variety of services from selling and repairing bikes to running a motorcycle riding school.

He added: "Far too many people would come in with their son or daughter who has just turned 16 and wanted a moped or scooter for them to use to get to college or work within days.

"But like anything, whether it is football or playing the piano, you need time and coaching to learn the skills, and that is why I set up the school."

Bridgwater Mercury:

Based near Westonzoyland, Pat would teach students from as young as six instilling an ethos of safety and discipline in them.

As a former trials rider himself, once riders got older, he would coach them to enter competitions.

Pat has also passed on his riding wisdom to his son Michael and grandson Jordan, who has a packed trophy cupboard in the store for his motocross achievements.

"Jordan is an exceptionally talented trials rider who has won dozens of medals and trophies since taking up the sport at 17," Pat said. 

However, last year Jordan suffered a serious injury in which he broke his pelvis and two bones in his neck and his vital organs shut down after he landed on his spine. 

But despite being told he would be out of the sport for at least two years initially, he made a miraculous recovery and was back racing within eight months.

"Yes, there are dangers, but no more so than horse racing," he added.

"In fact it is a lot safer now than when I was doing my trials riding. 
"They have better equipment, body armour, neck braces. Jordan was keen to get back out there and I am backing him completely," Pat said.

Pat said with three generations of family members involved in the business it can help all manner of riders. "This gives us a lot of expertise, customers can come to me about classic British motorcycles while Michael and Jordan are good at talking about their respective generations of bikes."

Pat said he would like to thank all of the customers for their loyalty over the years.