AN otter cub that had been calling for its mother since 5am has been rescued by Secret World Wildlife Rescue. 

Staff at the wildlife centre in East Huntspill found the cub hidden in reeds in Bridgwater on Saturday (February 10) after hearing it calling for its mother. 

Laura Benfield, head of animal care at Secret World, went with animal carer, Sarah Tingvoll, to assess the otter and said the cub's calls for its mother were becoming weaker. 

Aware of the cold weather and how long the cub had been calling, the pair rescued the otter and took her to the wildlife centre. 

Laura said the cub, which they named Amore, was very feisty when she was rescued with nets but soon became very weak and tired.

“She is so beautiful that it is easy to give her the love that she needs,” Laura said.

“But we will need to find company for her soon because it is important, once she is weaned, that we stop all human contact.”

A spokesman for Secret World said Amore is recovering well and is being cared for by Laura who is building up trust with the cub so she can feed and feel safe. 

The wildlife centre says otter cubs are among the most expensive orphans that Secret World cares for as they cost the centre more than £240 a month. 

They are appealing to residents to adopt an otter to help cover the costs of her care. 

"Otter cubs are among the most expensive orphans that Secret World Wildlife Rescue cares for," a spokesman for Secret World said.

"They need to be held until they are 12 to 18 months old before they are old enough to be independent of their mother as they would be in the wild.

"A diet of trout, minced beef and dead chicks for these juveniles costs £240 a month with the added cost of fresh water for the pools on top."

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