FIREFIGHTERS were called to an industrial unit in Puriton after reports that it was filled with smoke. 

Crews from Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea and Taunton rushed to a unit on Dunball Industrial Estate Road in Puriton at 11.04am today (November 25) after an on-site security guard said they could see smoke. 

Within minutes of the first crew arriving, firefighters confirmed that smoke was coming out of the shutter doors of an industrial unit.

Staff at the neighbouring unit had made contact with the keyholder for the unit involved. 

Firefighters investigated and said they believed smoke was coming from a refrigeration unit on a trailer, running inside the warehouse. 

At 11:30am firefighters gained entry to the unit, which was filled with smoke as well as fumes coming from the engine of the refrigeration unit.

Crews set to work with 2 BA, 1 hose reel jet and a safety jet to investigate further.

At 11:42am firefighters found the fire was located within the extraction system of a mobile MRI trailer, sat within a warehouse measuring approx. 100m x 40m.

After seperating the incident into two sectors, crews removed the MRI trailer and tractor out to the open, whilst firefighters worked within the warehouse to clear it of the smoke and fumes.

At 12:28pm firefighters had brough the fumes under control. 

Firefighters confirmed that the fire within the extraction hose was out when they arrived but the warehouse was heavily smoke logged as a result.

Crews used a thermal imaging camera initially to confirm the fire was out, before using 3 positive pressure ventilation fans to clear the warehouse of the smoke and fumes.

There were no casualties and duty of care was left with the owner of the unit.