TO try and capitalise on the the increasing tourism infrastructure in the town, new postcards and calendars have been created.

The move is part of a Bridgwater Town Council initiative to support tourism as the town has six new hotels, several new cafes and restaurants, various shops and a major new leisure complex.

Town council leader Brian Smedley said: “The images have been created by local artist Jim Goddard and they promote the towns heritage and history by juxtaposing old photos with new. People are proud of their history but shouldn’t be nervous of change.

“They should be part of it.

"We’ve set up a system through the town council where that can happen.”

Cllr Smedley said the recent success of Bridgwater History Day at the Bridgwater Arts Centre shows how passionate residents are about their town.

“The Arts Centre was once again packed out with some people staying all day to listen to the seven speakers talking about what makes the town special,” Cllr Smedley said.