PEOPLE have been ‘firing projectiles’ at high voltage overhead power lines near Bridgwater, Western Power Distribution has said.

This has resulted in interruptions to electrical supplies in Shapwick, Burtle, Edington, Westhay and Ashcott.

The cables affected were recently refurbished.

But a spokesperson for Western Power Distribution, said: “Unfortunately, there have been further interruptions caused by the failure of insulators on the high voltage network. We have evidence that the insulators may have failed due to a third-party firing projectiles at our lines.

“Western Power Distribution is treating this matter seriously, due to the safety implications of damage to powerlines and the disruption it causes to our customers.  We would like to remind the public to stay clear of the electricity network and remind all that interference with electricity is dangerous and likely to cause harm or even death.”

Sean Carney, team manager for the area, said: “We have reported the incidents to the Police and ask customers in these areas that should they see any suspicious behaviour in proximity of our equipment they alert the local Police and also call Western Power Distribution on our emergency number 105.”