NEIGHBOURS near the River Parrett were shocked to discover a dead dolphin had washed up on its banks this afternoon (September 17).

Helen Hamblin, of Bristol Road, was alerted by her neighbour who had spotted the poor creature around lunchtime.

Helen told the Mercury: “It must have come up on the morning tide. It sounds bizarre, but it’s now been joined by a dead calf.

“At the bottom of our garden is the river bank and we could see it just laying there. It had injuries which suggested it must have been hit by something.”

Helen and her husband Rod say they are not sure if the mammal is a dolphin or porpoise but think it will be carried away on the next tide.

“We’ve seen dead cows and sheep washed up there before and the tide takes them off,” said Helen. “I think there was a live dolphin in the Parrett a few years ago.”