EDF Energy's proposed road improvements to cope with Hinkley Point C would make traffic in Bridgwater “worse than doing nothing at all”, according to a damning new report.

Somerset County Council will meet with EDF chiefs this week to discuss the results of comprehensive traffic modelling the council has carried out on the impact of Hinkley C traffic on Bridgwater's roads.

To mitigate the impact of the extra traffic should it get permission for a third nuclear station, EDF has proposed park and ride services north and south of Bridgwater, and improvement work at several junctions, including in Taunton Road, Bristol Road and Bath Road.

But a senior council source told the Mercury: “Our detailed evidence shows the proposals will make things worse for all of us living here in Bridgwater - longer queues at junctions, longer journey times, more disruption.

“Far from making things better, EDF's proposals are shown to be worse than doing nothing at all.”

EDF said it was surprised by the council's comments and said it was “untrue” to suggest its proposals, which it said it had been working on for two years, would make traffic worse.

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