SPEED demon Greg Kett is vying to become the fastest man in the world - on a skateboard!

The 21-year-old, from Wembdon, is looking to claim a place in the Guinness Book of Records by smashing the official skating world land speed record on a new breed of board.

His state-of-the-art board is designed to give the sensation of snowboarding and surfing, which Greg believes will give him the edge in his aim to enter the record books.

The current benchmark - a relatively sluggish 62mph held by American Gary Hardwick - will be trounced if Greg fulfils his ambition.

"I'm aiming to go around 80mph," he told the Mercury this week. "I am being towed behind a vehicle along a naval runway so we have had to get permission from the Ministry of Defence for it to take place.

"The current record is held by an American so I really think it's time for good old England to beat them."

With full leather outfit and safety gear, the student will be pulled along Ilminster's Merryfield airfield before letting go to complete a short course as a solo skater.

He will be relying on the T-board, which has two wheels rather than four, to help him go faster than ever before.

The new style of skateboards has only started making its way into the UK this year thanks to a company in Plymouth, the city where Greg is about to enter his third year of university.

But while the daredevil is confident of success, he has not yet reached the record speed in training or at downhill competitions in Bude, Cornwall.

He added: "I live near Wembdon Hill which is the only place I can practice in Bridgwater - it's the big lumps of metal coming the other way that cause the problem though. I've only just got all my safety gear so now I can have a real go at it.

"It's generated a lot of attention from the media because of the nature of the record attempt so I'm hoping that the magazines and film crews coming won't be disappointed."

The event takes place on September 24 - keep reading the Mercury to see if Greg is successful.