THE Bridgwater area will get £100million as compensation for Hinkley C - but our local council says it is still NOT enough.

EDF Energy, the firm behind the proposed third Hinkley nuclear station, revealed last week that it would spend £80million on major infrastructure works like the proposed Cannington bypass, and long-term accommodation, and another £20million on schemes suggested by the community - 20 times what it previously offered.

After we broke the news on-line, at, last Thursday, we were flooded with suggestions about how the money should be spent - with many calls for EDF to pay for a new town centre swimming pool in Bridgwater.

Others said EDF should reconsider a Dunball bypass, but the firm insists that is not financially feasible.

Sedgemoor District Council chief executive Kerry Rickards said he was “not overwhelmed” by the offer, but he added: “It's a step in the right direction”.

EDF Energy's Richard Mayson said it had become clear during earlier consultations that the community expected more money.

He added: “Our continued commitment to local people is that we will ensure that any significant impacts of the construction or operation of the power station and associated developments are managed sensitively and if they cannot be managed they are mitigated.”

Anti-nuclear group Stop Hinkley said the £20million community fund was “tiny compared to the estimated £10 billion cost of building the two reactors.”

A new round of consultations on Hinkley C has begun.

The dates for the public exhibitions are:

Tuesday 1 March Otterhampton Village Hall TA5 2QS from 2pm to 8pm

Wednesday 2 March Victory Hall, Stogursey TA5 1PR from 2pm to 8pm

Thursday 3 March The Exchange, Bridgwater TA6 4RR from 2pm to 8pm

Friday 4 March The Main Hall, Bridgwater College, Cannington TA5 2LS from 2pm to 8pm

Saturday 5 March Angel Place Shopping Centre, Bridgwater TA6 3TQ from 10am to 4pm