ANGRY homeowners living near Bridgwater's new Morrisons distribution site say regular lorry journeys are disrupting their lives.

Sedgemoor District Council said a letter was sent to people in Bower Lane in March informing them the nearby Old Bath Road would be widened so emergency vehicles and construction workers could access the Morrisons site.

However, several residents told the Mercury they could not recall receiving the letter and were under the impression only emergency services would be using Bower Lane to access Old Bath Road and the Morrisons development, not lorries.

Gary Verncombe, of Bower Lane, said: “I went to the council offices on different occasions and they told me the road was going to be emergency access only.” Mr Verncombe said on one occasion last week, lorries were still on site at 11.15pm.

He added: “It's terrible. If you are in bed and settling down to sleep, the headlights shine through your bedroom window.” Sandra Kirkpatrick said she and her husband Scott, who moved to Bower Lane in 2007, were “terribly upset”, while neighbour Martin Cockell added: “We don't remember receiving any letters but we will be writing letters to the council to say we haven't been informed.”

Sedgemoor District Council confirmed the road would be used by construction workers for the next two to three years until the railway bridge is built.

Developers Hallam Land Management said they would look at ways of reducing the impact of the development - making deliveries at more sociable hours.

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