THE Mercury took to the streets of Bridgwater to find out how people have reacted to the cuts. Keith Gadd, a 30-year-old unemployed father-of-two from Sydenham Road, Bridgwater, has another child on the way, and fears it could become harder to feed his family.

He said: “The review is going to affect a lot of people if the Job Seekers' Allowance is going to be changed or cut.

“Some of the cuts are unfair, but some are necessary.”

Becki Sellick, a 37-year-old mother-of-one from Wembdon, working in the financial industry, said: “If they do cut Child Allowance it will affect me. I didn't vote for ConDems, so I don't agree with their review.”

Dennis Blackmore, 80, of Church Street, Bridgwater, said: “When you get to 80, you don't worry about this anymore but from a pensioner's point of view, I think the cuts are fair enough.

“I live in a flat but there is a disabled person living in the block who needs carers. If there are cuts in their help, what are they going to do?”

John Parker, 54, of Ashleigh Avenue, Bridgwater works for Sedgemoor District Council. He said: “I won't hear anything about what could happen in the council until November.

“I am just going to have to wait and see what comes of it.”

Michael Smith, a 54-year-old chef, who has returned to Bridgwater after emigrating to Minorca ten years ago, said: “It's not just nationally; globally everyone is feeling the squeeze.

“During the winter months in Minocra, there is 60% to 70% unemployment. Spain in general is in a really bad state.”