MR William Pollock of Bridgwater died at B.R.I. – Bristol on November 15. He was 79. The funeral on November 27 at St. Mary’s Church Bridgwater, was conducted by Rev Kelvin Williams.

Family mourners: Mrs Mary Pollock (wife); Stephen and Julie Pollock (son and daughter-in-law); Heather and Steve Sykes (daughter and son-in-law); Ian and Carla Pollock (son and daughter-in-law); Susan Pollock and Rick Evans (daughter and partner); Rachel Pollock and Christopher Jenner (daughter and Partner); Leanne & Husband Gary, Kelly, Levi, Hope, Laura, Shaun, Kieran, Natalie, Eve & Kia (grandchildren); Jim and Jackie (brother and sister-in-law); Lily and Basil (sister and brother-in-law).

Other mourners: Mr And Mrs K Giles (also rep Mrs Joan Pople); Matt Cresswell; Teresa Hill; Sandra Jackson (also rep Maisey and family); Chris Coombes; Doug Robson (president of Bridgwater Carnival rep Pam); Sheila and John Wilkins; Mike Hawkins (also rep Margaret Hawkins); Sue Paisey (also rep Martin Paisey and Staff on Coates Ward Bridgwater Hospital); Garry Martin (also rep B A Skittle Team And Marketers C. C); Rita Martin (also rep Ann Jenkins); Rebecca Andrews; Jed Stone, Lynette Day (Wilfs C.C) Harry and Margaret Watson; Sharon Howlet (also rep Dave and Brian Martin); Scott Davis; Ena Hawkins (also rep Ernie Stockham); Pat Lewis (also rep Ken Lewis); Terry And Pat Hurford (President of Lime Kiln C.C.) Dawn Keirle; Claire Burtonshaw; Kelly Kay; Ben Keirle; Carl Pisani; Tamzin Reis-Day; Beh Smith; Anna Thompson; Clare Thompson; Jenny Gardner (also rep Clive Gardner); Rachel Owens (also rep Maureen Bonney); Jane Warren; Maureen Brown; Jane Phipps (Luchtime Supervisor, Chilton School); Colin Turner (also rep Barbara Marc); Clive Hill; Jason Wood (also rep Tracey White); Den Gore (also rep Betty Gore); Joan Prew (also rep Ricky and Kim Prew); Bernette family; Lee Granville; Julie Moran; Beryl Frost; Tim Knapp (also rep Markeeters); Steve Jeffreys; Mike Mouzouri; Betty Mouzouri (rep family and The Tudor); Micheele Priddice; Sandra Ridewood; Geoffrey Chappell; Wendy and Jeff Presdee; Mike and Pam Burton; Daniel Jasinski; E Darch; Mike Godfrey; Steve and Sue Date; Ness Speed (also rep Cavilers and Vagabonds C.C. S); Maureen and Arnold Jenner (also rep Michael Jenner); John Brewer; Josie Sellick; Mr And Mrs Priddice; Graham Balchon; Blue; Les Criddle (Bridgwater C. Committee; Lorraine And Steve Cresswell (also rep British Flag And Joseph Cresswell) Steve Culverwell (also rep Ramblers C.C.); Amanda Hayman; Pete Stone; Alan And Lin Bradley; Dave Kirk; Ken Stoodley; Chris Martin (also rep Mary Martin); Mervyn Durant (also rep Dorothy); Betty Langfield (also rep Martin and Gordon); Brenda Dibbley (also rep Peter Langford); Malcolm Brough; Chris Matthews; Jan Taylor (also rep Chilton Trinity School); Pat Hallinghurst (also rep Chilton Trinity School); Eileen Huxtable; Brian Huxtable;Marilyn Markall; Brian and Marlene Matthews; Alison Davis; Eileen Haysham; David Cleaveley (also rep Lime Kiln C.C.); Hiscox; Martin Roberts; Sarah Davis; John Sleeman (also rep Karen Sleeman, Vinny Anthony and Sasha Anthony); Clive Kett (also rep Bridgwater L/C); Wendy Baker; Mandy Miller, Christine Fackrell (British Flag); Gemma Coombes (also rep Tom Collins, British Flag); Tim Gardner (British Flag); Ben Godfrey; Abi Stevens; Charlie Gouge; Malcolm Jones (Carnival Concerts Stage Manager); Mary Holman (also rep Val Kill, Kitchen Staff Chilton Trinity); Diane And Brian Martin (also rep Claire Wilson); Bet And Terry Wood (also rep YMCA C.C.); Sharon Kurpyta (also rep Peggy Kurpyta and Andy Criddle); Chris And Karen Cox (also rep Ernest Stockholm); Michael Thorne; Malcolm Beebe; Dave Tucker (also rep Reg Sant); Sheila Williams (also rep Dawn Boyer and Robert Williams); Mel Facey; Phil Venning; Terry Higgins; Dave Speed (also rep Cavaliers C.C); Nigel Perry (also rep Crusaders C.C. and Marcus Perry); Ann Williams (also rep Wayne Pike); Paul Giles; Dean Bennett; Luigi Lanfrinchi; Mark Turner; Martyn Allrn; Keith Gadd; Simon Barker; Marion Paisey; Chris and Doug Mortell; Pheobe Fisher; Rachel Like; Lucy Bennett; Brian Page (also rep John Page); Lynne Leigh (also rep YMCA C.C.); Arthur Leigh (also rep YMCA C.C. President of Gangs and Features); Lisa Mclaren; Leigh Mclaren; Brandon McLaren; Councillor Gill Slocombe; Peter Slocombe (Carnival Committee); Jill Goodenough (rep Bridgwater Gangs and Features); Wendy Want (also rep Centurions C.C.); Caroline Britton (also rep Paul, Sophie and Tom Britton); Mary Williams; Joy Atwell; Chris Cowley; June Cowley; Mrs Bonney; Bill Preece; John Doddon (Crusaders); Graham and Kay Granter; Nancy And Chris Kettle; Mike Hurley (Life Member of Bridgwater Carnival); John Holiday; Laura Dodden (also rep Chelsea Gouge); Donna Richards; Anita Richards; Jane Jenkins; Steven Jenkins; Amanda Mascord; Doreen Madge; Jerry Rossitor; Don Sykes Anne Middleton (Marina Sydenham C.C.); P Hutchings; Ken and Bridge Phillips; Dave and Janet Croker; David Rayner; Mrs Oliver; Mr Oliver; Donna Williams (also rep Steve and Lou Williams); Gordon Langford; Roy Pearce; Mary Pearce; Mrs West; Rachael Shattock (also rep Griffins C.C.); Ryan Cresswell; Ella Cresswell (also rep Dan Cresswell); Miss T Markall; Terry Howes (also rep Ann and Steve Cedwick); Roger Brown (British Flag); Bob Hudson (also rep Ann Hudson) Terry Innalls (also rep Bett Innalls); Mike Taylor (also rep Carol Taylor); John Lipod and family; Irene Pickles; Steve Facey; Kim Dodden; Graham Stockham Chunky Dunster (Markeeters); Roy James (also rep Chilton Trinity School).

Unable to attend: Bill Biffen; Mr Ade Loader.

The funeral arrangements were by H. Biffen and Sons Ltd, 32 Wembdon Road, Bridgwater.

Mary and family would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended the service, for the many cards, messages of sympathy, floral tributes also donations for the British Heart Foundation, to date £500.00 collected in total . Special thanks to the British Flag Carnival Club boys and girls for giving me and the family such great support and making it along with the Rev Kelvin Williams a lovely service. With thanks also to John Biffen and all staff at H. Biffen & Sons.