SHE makes millions of listeners laugh with her daily antics producing the Scott Mills show on Radio One - and now Bridgwater funnygirl Becky Huxtable has an award to show for it.

Former Bridgwater College and Crispin School student Becky has been named funniest radio sidekick in the Loaded Lafta awards.

She beat off stiff competition from fellow Radio One nominees Aled Jones and “Comedy” Dave Vittey to land the coveted title.

It is Becky's first industry prize since starting her dream job in 2008 after a spell at Heart in Taunton and then completing a degree in journalism at Bournemouth University.

Mercury reporter David Hemming caught up with Becky after the ceremony, which was held at the exclusive Cuckoo Club in London.

Bridgwater Mercury: becky David: Firstly, congratulations on winning the award. How do you feel?

Becky: Really, really shocked to be honest. I wasn't expecting it at all and when we got to the ceremony it was just filled with really famous comedians - I was so nervous.

When they announced I'd won, I went up on stage and looking back at me were Frank Skinner, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Russell Howard, Jimmy Carr, Katy Brand and The Inbetweeners... I was so embarrassed.

David: Having won a comedy award, do you think you're funny?

Becky: Not really - quirky maybe but not funny. I think a lot of things about me make people laugh but I don't mean them to.

I don't know many jokes at all, and even if I do I tend to forget the punchlines.

David: What is it like working on a national drive time radio show?

Becky: I know it sounds cheesy, but it's probably one of the best jobs in the world. We get to mess around and hopefully make people laugh every day.

I'd always dreamed about working with Scott Mills so it's amazing to think I'm actually doing it. Scott is the best presenter I've ever worked with and is brilliant at what he does, but every time I say that Sara Cox gets upset, so I'll have to say she's also the best presenter I've ever worked with.

David: Do you come back home regularly and keep in touch with everyone?

Becky: I come back quite a bit to see family and friends, not as much as I'd like, but it's always so good to come home and stay for a while.

Me and my boyfriend came back at Christmas and went for a long walk on the Quantocks which was really nice.

David: Have you got any advice for readers who might want to get into radio or producing?

Becky: It's boring and everyone says it but get as much experience as you can in local radio or hospital radio and make as many contacts as you can - they'll really help you along the way.

David: What does the future hold for you?

Becky: Well... the sky's the limit now I've got this award.

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