CAMPAIGNERS in Cannington are calling on EDF Energy to scrap its infrastructure plans for the new power plant at Hinkley Point before their village is “destroyed”.

The Save Cannington Action Group, headed by nuclear expert and villager Alan Beasley, claims the firm's proposals are “immature”, and will make the lives of local people a “misery”.

EDF plans to build two new bypasses either side of Cannington, as well as a 200-bed campus, a park and ride scheme, freight handling facilities, and a college recreation area in the village.

Former senior nuclear consultant Mr Beasley, 66, said: “The proposals will destroy the material fabric of the village - noise, dust and light pollution around the clock will be intolerable.”

He added: “The EDF proposal as it stands must be scrapped and a fresh review undertaken.”

Mr Beasley also fears a rat-run will be created through housing estates in Wembdon, Enmore, Spaxton and Charlinch if the A39 west of Bridgwater is used for vehicle access to the new plant.

He insists the action group is non-political, and not anti-nuclear, and its supporters, who all have links with the nuclear industry, would be willing to work with EDF to reach a solution.

EDF says it meets regularly with Cannington Parish Council and has discussed the plans with villagers. The firm has also invited Mr Beasley to go over the project in detail.

EDF is holding a public consultation until January when the feedback will be used to help prepare the next phase of the project, before further consultation takes place between March and May.

An exhibition will be held at Cannington village hall on Tuesday, January 5, from 10am to give visitors the chance to look at the proposals again.