A BRIDGWATER campaigner nearly caused a worldwide media frenzy while involved with a demonstration at the home of the Prime Minister.

Disabled Maria Hobbs was taking part in a march through central London with hundreds of others to protest against the Government’s decision to axe the live-in wardens scheme in sheltered accommodation.

The banner-wielding protestors were led through the capital by a piper and drummer to Downing Street where a 15,000-strong petition was handed over – 5,000 of which Maria collected from Somerset.

The petition calls for the Government to restore the service, which sees wardens provide 24/7 cover.

But when the crowd arrived at number ten Maria, of Witches Walk, almost found herself in a heap on the Prime Minister’s doorstep when the brakes went bust.

She told the Mercury: “I was falling off the kerb with TV cameras filming. They managed to catch me in time but I was told by a police officer that I was so close to causing a worldwide media frenzy because of where it happened!”

It proved to be an unforgettable day for Maria who travelled to London by train on her own for the first time.

Maria, whose battle has been charted in the Mercury for over a year, has now called time on her campaigning days – but hopes to have done out on a high.

“This, I feel, is the last chance for change and I hope that the outcome is good, then all the grief and hard work would have been worth it”, she added.