POLICE in Bridgwater, Burnham and Highbridge continued to wage war on criminals this week, as Operation Relentless hit the streets again.

Officers were stationed on Quantock Road in Bridgwater and by Bridgwater College, trying to catch out thieves and drink-drivers in a two-day operation.

Sgt Steve Craigo, from Bridgwater Police Station, told the Mercury: “We are looking to crack down on the theft of scrap metal in particular.

“We had police officers and also officers from Revenue and Customs and Environment Agency.

“We were stopping vans to check for scrap metal they maybe carrying, after a increase in scrap metal theft.”

Officers also set up a stall at Bridgwater College, carrying out property marking for mobile phones and laptops - and also registered property on the force’s immobilise website.

In Burnham and Highbridge, police visited King Alfred School to mark and record mobile phones and MP3 players.

There have been 26 Operation Relentless ‘days of action’ since its launch in June 2005, which has resulted in more than 2150 arrests.

Last week’s action was also run in conjunction with Operation Tonic – the force’s crack down on drink-drivers.

Supt Trevor Margenout added: “Christmas and the new year are traditionally times of happiness and enjoyment and we aim to ensure that is the case for everyone in Somerset.

“We don’t want to spoil the festive spirit but we are urging people to be vigilant and ensure they do not present opportunities for criminals.”

Police are also encouraging cyclists to get their bicycles security marked this Christmas to increase the chances of it being returned should it be lost or stolen.

Anyone who gets their bike security marked before the end of January will be entered into a competition to win £150 worth of bicycle accessories.