A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl from Bridgwater has been left devastated after her beloved pet guinea pig was stolen.

Mum Sarah Sparkes, of Perry Green, Wembdon, says her daughter Imogen cannot understand why heartless thieves snatched five-year-old 'Rockit', complete with hutch, last Monday night.

She said: “The guinea pig is very old and he is going blind and needs to be spoken to before handling otherwise he will panic.

“Also he is allergic to sawdust and has to have hay in his hutch as otherwise his skin flares up and he will need to see a vet.

“He also has a problem with his bottom. It needs to be cleaned regularly.”

Sarah had this message for the guinea pig-napper: “You have upset my four-year-old who just can't understand why someone would want to steal a much loved pet.

“If you have a conscience please return him - you know where to - either with his hutch or not, his run is available.

“We all long for his safe return.”