CULT TV witch 'Grotbags' could be set to make a comeback - helping choose the perfect candidate for the much-publicised role as a witch at Wookey Hole.

Actress and presenter Carol Lee Scott, who now lives in Spaxton near Bridgwater, has offered her vast knowledge of witchcraft, magical spells and potions, and cackling abilities to bosses at the adventure park near Wells.

A vacancy has arisen at the attraction for one lucky applicant to greet visitors and go about the everyday life of a witch - with a credit crunch-busting £50,000 annual salary!

Carol, 66, who played the creepy character in ITV's Emu All Live Pink Windmill Show in the 1980s, says she is too old to apply for the position now but is keen to get involved in the audition process - possibly as a judge in the mould of Simon Cowell!

She told the Mercury: “I think it's wonderful but I hope they choose the right person.

“I would love to go for the job but I'm a bit knackered now - the old cogs aren't as well oiled anymore!

“If there is anything I can do to help of course I will do it.”

With her huge experience of all things witch-related, Carol has a few words of advice for the soon-to-be sorceress.

“They need to be an extrovert who loves people and enjoys talking to children nastily - and most of all they must do it for the love of the job and not the money”, she added.

“But above all they must be a woman. Witches are worth their weight in gold so the wage sounds about right - it's a very demanding job!”

Daniel Medley, general manager at Wookey Hole, said he had been trying to get Carol on board but couldn't get in touch with her - until the Mercury stepped in.

He said: “She is the perfect person to judge this and we hope with the help of the Mercury we can make this happen.”

Bridgwater Mercury: job advert ANYONE can apply for the position of witch at Wookey Hole - regardless of gender.

But applicants have to meet strict criteria. They must:

*Have excellent customer service skills and enjoy working with people

*Be prepared to stay overnight in the caves

*Have knowledge of the history of witchcraft

*Be able to cackle

*Be able to work school holidays and weekends

However prospective witches must NOT:

*Be allergic to cats!