A VICAR was executed by firing squad in Westonzoyland on Saturday - but still managed to end the day smiling.

The Rev Chris Keys, vicar of Westonzoyland Church, was among those taking part in a special 1685 themed day at the church grounds to launch the Zoyland Heritage Fund.

The fund is a charity set up to help support local events commemorating the Battle of Sedgemoor and to help preserve the church itself and provide visitor facilities within it.

On Saturday visitors were transported back more than 300 years to a time when religious and political strife was sweeping the nation.

The Sealed Knot Society lent authenticity to the event with their period costume. They even went as far as capturing Rev Keys - accused of being a Royalist supporter - and had him “executed” by a firing squad, much to the amusement of his watching congregation.

The successful launch event saw many villagers also dress in 17th century costumes and organisations ranging from carnival clubs to willow makers set up stalls and displays.

Many visitors also took advantage of the fine weather to climb all 130 steps to the top of the church tower to admire the view below.

For more information on the Zoyland Heritage Fund, click on the link by this story.