GHOSTLY goings-on at the oldest chip shop in Bridgwater have left staff spooked.

Workers at the Polar Bear Fish Bar in St John Street have seen pots and pans mysteriously move, doors slamming shut - and even heard cheerful whistling, in several fry-tening chip shop incidents.

Carla Richards, 33, has owned the spooky shop for nine months with business partner Amanda Hunter.

She told the Mercury: “I bought it in July and started noticing things within about a month.

“We work quite late some days where we see and hear weird things and we see things move out of the corner of our eyes.

“I have run out of the shop before because doors were just shutting behind me - and I was there on my own.

“Our saucepans have been mysteriously moved neatly down on the floor as well - we've been tripping over them.”

In another eerie episode, whistling shop worker Sam Hill was given the creeps when she heard someone whistle back to her.

Now staff have turned amateur filmmakers - and spoofed their predicament in several “Most Haunted” style home videos.

The videos, which show workers trying to hunt down their ghost in the style of the Living television show, have been uploaded to file-sharing site Youtube.

Carla said: “We all watch the show Most Haunted, so we decided to do the videos - it is a bit of fun really.

“But there are definitely funny things going on in here.”