IAN Liddell-Granger MP’s condemnation of the Bridgwater Bay lagoon proposal is a little premature (Lagoon bid poses a flood risk).

This is just one of five proposals (short-listed from 10) on which a consultation and public debate will take place to consider the best way of capturing the huge renewable energy potential of the Severn estuary, whilst protecting internationally important wildlife habitats and the needs of local people.

The Bridgwater lagoon proposal is one of four smaller scale alternatives to a massive Severn barrage stretching from Brean Down to the Welsh coast on which the Government, encouraged by the Sustainable Development Commission, are consulting.

If we are serious about tackling climate change and at the same time securing safe energy for future generations then we have to look at all the alternatives and examine the evidence before coming to a conclusion.

It is just not good enough to pitch nuclear (Hinkley Point) against renewables; it may just be that we need both, at least for the foreseeable future.

So Mr Liddell-Granger MP, how about using your good offices to facilitate a reasoned debate with the presentation of evidence about these crucial issues and allowing the people of Sedgemoor to make their own minds up?

BARRY LEATHWOOD, Combwich, Bridgwater