ARE there any descendants in the Taunton area or Somerset of Albert Henry Dovey, who was born in Taunton in 1886?

His parents were Henry and Elizabeth Dovey, who are listed in the 1891 Census as living at 1 Court Reach,Haydon Terrace, Taunton, and later at 11 Duke Street, Taunton, in the 1901 Census when Albert Henry was listed as a ‘silkwinder’.

His final listing in the Censuses was as a married man with a son, also called Albert Henry, in the recently released 1911 Census, still in Taunton, where his occupation was as a chauffeur.

I believe he married in about 1909 to a woman whose maiden name was Williams.

Bert Dovey was in the same unit in the Army Service Corps – Motor Transport – as my grandfather in the First World War, and I wonder if any surviving relatives could help me trace that unit.

IAN HANNAH Diggle Street, Wigan, Greater Manchester.