I WRITE regarding the article in the Mercury dated December 30 about the closure of Woolworths.

The old store was situated on the corner of New Road and Eastover.

I used to be fascinated as a child, having discovered this store in 1946.

The counters and floors were of solid wood, and I used to like to purchase autographed postcards of film stars of the day, such as Anne Crawford, Patricia Roc, Margaret Lockwood, Deanna Durbin, Errol Flynn to name a few.

Also Drene shampoo, which, if I remember rightly, was said to have been used by the stars themselves.

There were Kirby grips, hair nets, sweets, biscuits and, of course, much much more. Broken biscuits were sold at a cheaper price than packets of biscuits.

My father retired from his banking career in June, 1955, and soon afterwards he obtained employment in connection with the new Woolworths store being built opposite the old store.

He was in charge of the administration of accounts.

I am not sure, however, when the new store opened, but I think this must have been approximately towards the end of 1957 or the beginning of 1958.

The demise of the store in Bridgwater is, indeed, very sad and it will be greatly missed.

A piece of local history has been lost for ever.