A FIRM based in Bridgwater believes it is helping more people to quit smoking than the NHS.

Last year, Nonwovenn, found on Bath Road, produced the fabric for seven billion tobacco-free nicotine pouches, a number which could go towards helping 1.8 million average smokers.

In comparison, the NHS Stop Smoking Service says that around 14,000 people in England give up smoking every year through its programme.

Nonwovenn Chairman, David Lamb, said: "It is for scientists to say exactly how much safer oral nicotine is to smoking and vaping, but we are delighted to be helping millions of smokers have a healthier option.

"Judging from the fast growing sales it is also one they find more convenient: nicotine pouches can be used in family and work settings where smoking and vaping is not acceptable."

Nonwovenn Chairman, David Lamb.Nonwovenn Chairman, David Lamb. (Image: Nonwovenn)

The Bridgwater-based firm is set to produce a further 8.77 billion nicotine pouches this year, an increase of 24 per cent on last year’s 7.06 billion.

To accommodate for the increased demand, 19 new staff members have been brought on board. 

The pouches, which are placed under the lip, have surged in popularity across the globe among smokers looking to kick the habit.Nonwovenn's HQ in Bridgwater.Nonwovenn's HQ in Bridgwater. (Image: Nonwovenn)

Nonwovenn also produces pouches for snus - a tobacco-containing product authorised in both Sweden and the USA as an alternative to smoking.

However, it is not involved in the manufacture of the fermented chewed tobacco used in India which is regarded by scientists as being highly carcinogenic.

The business, first established in 2003, claims to be the world's leading nonwoven fabric tech company.

The nicotine and snus pouches are made from Nonwovenn's PouchTech material, but the brand also produces InduTech, which is used in industry for products such as face masks and industrial filtration.

In addition to this, the Bridgwater-based firm provides technical fabrics for the medical and healthcare sectors, known as MediTech, which is used for purposes including bandages, and odour control.