HAYGROVE School has asked Bridgwater's parliamentary candidates to make the rebuild of the school a priority if they are elected.

Following safety issues with the school's new main building which was built by a now-defunct contractor, it was announced last year that Haygrove School would be rebuilt on a new site.

In December, the Mercury revealed that the current school buildings in Durleigh will be demolished once new premises have been constructed in Queenswood.

Current Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger said: "It's been an incredible team effort by the school, the Government and the local community.

"It's extremely good news for Haygrove.

"But I'm still extremely cross about the building being sub-standard in the first place."

In a plea to the current parliamentary candidates, Aaron Reid, Headteacher of Haygrove School, said: “We are asking our prospective candidates in Bridgwater to place the rebuild of Haygrove School as a high priority and we want to increase momentum through the support of our local politicians.

"Bridgwater children deserve the very best opportunities and every child should be able to choose a school with excellent facilities to support their learning.

"We are really pleased with our current building solution and it offers an adequate accommodation to help our students experience an excellent education through the support of a dedicated staff team.

"However, we are determined to do better and secure a phenomenal new build on a new school site ready to open its doors within the next few years.”

Labour candidate Leigh Redman recently visited the school to discuss the situation and his plans if he is to be elected.

He is standing for election against Pele Barnes (Independent), William Fagg (Reform), Ashley Fox (Conservative); Charles Graham (Green Party), Claire Sully (Lib Dem) and Gregory Tanner (Workers Party).

“I was pleased to be able to guarantee to the head, that regardless of election result that I am supporting the need to get things sorted 100 per cent," he Mr Redman.Labour candidate Leigh Redman paid a recent visit to the school.Labour candidate Leigh Redman paid a recent visit to the school. (Image: Leigh Redman)

“It is wrong that young people who have already given so much for our communities, struggling over Covid, are having to work and learn in temporary buildings because of an inept builder.

“I was able to see for myself the conditions pupils and staff are working in.

 "Staff are doing everything they can to make the situation work for the young people, but the next phase seems to be hindered. 

“If elected, I commit to working hard to find a solution and give clarity to the situation, it is wrong that staff and pupils are left in this position.”

Conservative candidate Ashley Fox visited the school on Wednesday, June 12.

"I'm grateful to Aaron for explaining the issues affecting the school," he said. 

"He has my full support in finding a long term solution that benefits the children and families of Haygrove for years to come."Ashley Fox also paid a visit to the school.Ashley Fox also paid a visit to the school. (Image: Ashley Fox)

Lib Dem candidate Claire Sully has been pushing for the school to be rebuilt since early December 2023.

"I have been demanding for quite some time that the government take action to rebuild the school for the pupils at Haygrove," she said.

"It should never have happened. Millions of pounds have been wasted. 

"I assure local residents and the school that I am fully committed to supporting the project."Claire Sully has been pushing for the rebuild since last year.Claire Sully has been pushing for the rebuild since last year. (Image: Claire Sully)